The React Alternative: Preact

I guess it was about that time for someone to build an “optimized version” of the React framework to try and supercede its predecessor, and that’s what Preact is. Preat eliminates some of the pain points of React, like passing props and state right into the render function for you (which I really like). I’m…
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React Redux App State with Browser

Sync React Redux State with Browser Events

React is such an amazing tool, but one of the worst things is trying to keep a hundred different libraries in sync with each other. I recently went on an excursion in the realm of state persistence with browser navigation. Ultimately, what was happening was that if I clicked the back button, for example, the…
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Style React with Material-UI

Material-UI is a component library that implements Google’s material design specifications. I provide an overview of it in my article User Experience Design with React. If you don’t mind adding a layer of complexity to your application, then perhaps Material-UI is the way to go because it offers a pretty nice feature set along with…
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React component lifecycle update process

React Lifecycle, Part 2: Update Phase

In part one, we looked at the initialization and creation phase of the React component lifecycle, called mounting. In this post we will dive into an integral part of what makes React so powerful, the update phase of the component lifecycle. The way that React does its re-rendering using a virtual DOM is actually quite…
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React Lifecycle, Part 1: Initialize and Mount

There is no shortage of documentation, tutorials, and blog posts available on the React component lifecycle. So why write another article on the subject? Much of the information out there describes the order of lifecycle processes, but falls short when it comes to providing specifics about why or when you would want to use them,…
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