1 04, 2009

Tour de Flex Component Explorer

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I came across one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while, the “Tour de Flex Component Explorer”. This is an AIR application that also has a corresponding web-based version. This is something that both newbies and gurus alike will find most interesting. You can install the application by clicking the install badge below:

The coolest thing about this application is that Flexers are invited to submit their work to be included in the application. What an ingenious way for Flexers to collaborate on ideas! It gets better though; it seems that Adobe has created a plugin for Eclipse as well that allows you to browse the Tour de Flex components right from the Eclipse IDE.

Here are some additional Tour de Flex links:

The web-based version of the application can be viewed HERE

Additional info on the application can be found HERE

The sample submission to have your work included can be found HERE

10 11, 2008

Handling Advanced Item Renderers for List-based Components in Flex and AIR

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An article describing how to get past the limitations of item renderers when using flex list-based components, particularly the Flex TileList...