My apologies that it took so long to get this up, but I’ve finally posted the slides from my presentation with Adnaan Ahmad on behalf of Anaara Media. The full-length video presentation of the session will be available very soon on, along with all of the other incredibly fascinating sessions from 360|Flex 2011.

Originally this session was supposed to be on how to optimize the designer-developer workflow in the enterprise using Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst CS5. However, Adobe surprised us the first day at their keynote when they announced the release of iterative versions of both Flash Builder and Creative Suite. As a result, Adnaan and I scrambled for the next day or two to update our presentation accordingly. We didn’t really have to do that, but of course we didn’t want to seem like we were behind the times.

Nonetheless, when I upgraded to 4.5 and CS5.5, I ran into some compatibility issues because we had used the “Burrito” and “Panini” pre-release versions of Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst respectively to build the product we were demoing in our session, so I had to backtrack to those versions unfortunately. Nonetheless, I did talk about many of the great new features of these new releases, particularly the ability to round-trip between Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Catalyst CS5.5! Enjoy!